A world class seafood social enterprise

Balangay’s Best is the brand of high-quality, naturally processed, wild-caught sustainable seafood products made by artisan Filipino Fishers. It is manufactured and distributed by Fishers & Changemakers, Inc. FCI is a pioneer and lone social enterprise that partners with local artisan fishing communities to manufacture and distribute high quality Balangay’s Best seafood products using sustainable technologies and equitable business practices in the Philippines. It was established on October 2014 during the rehabilitation efforts in Bantayan Island, Cebu to journey with selected fishers as they fully recover from the typhoon’s aftermath.

Recently, FCI sealed a partnership with RARE Philippines, a global non-profit organization currently working in 7 countries, to collaborate in addressing various environmental problems and promote conservation by focusing on helping communities adopt sustainable behaviors toward their natural resources. Through this partnership, it enable them to expand to (6) six communities in the following municipalities – Looc and Lubang of Mindoro Occidental; Ayungon and Bindoy or Negros Oriental; and Cantilan and Cortez of Surigao del Sur.


“Building sustainable fishing communities, one catch at a time”

Creating synergy between multi-sector partnerships and facilitate holistic program that will empower the fishing communities while addressing the different problems particularly on social, economic and environmental aspects.


“To eradicate poverty in the fishing sector while restoring and protecting our seas.”

Despite the demand for seafood products and the natural resources available, fisherfolk are considered the poorest sector in the Philippines. We aim to make a positive impact on the lives of the fisherfolk by journeying with them in creating high quality products using innovative and sustainable technology and business practices, giving them share of the profits that mirror a living wage and can provide more than their basic needs, and forming a community of partners with the same objective of developing the market while not leaving the poor and the environment behind.


Fishers and Changemakers Inc. is a social enterprise that empowers Filipino fisherfolk communities with the following strategies:

  • Produce High-quality Sustainable Seafood Products
  • Empower Fisher-entrepreneurs
  • Provide Equitable Income and Profit Sharing
  • Create synergies with Multi-sector partners